Pinboy’s Bowling Center

Pinboy’s Bowling Center Restaurant
The client wanted to create a themed restaurant inside of his Virginia Beach Pinboy’s Bowling Center which already had a beach theme, which would be expected by tourists visiting Virginia Beach. We decided to do a variation on the beach theme by creating an Ernest Hemmingway tropical island look- something set back in time to another era. Our island look was created by the use of hardwood floors (actually this is a commercial textured vinyl where we used four different species of wood to create the look), a tin ceiling, a bar front of textured onyx mosaics, and a bar top made from bowling alley flooring with a contrasting bolection edge. There were structural columns in the space that were covered by shutters and the walls have rustic paneling below and a custom island like mural above created by Cathy Cox of Brushstrokes. The mural is continuous and makes one think of remote mysterious fishing coves in Central America. The door selected is reminiscent of a “Speakeasy” door with the appropriate grill peep-through. The restaurant provides a place for adult gatherings while various groups are using the bowling center as well as a spot for private parties.

Pinboy’s Bowling Center Lanes
There is a photo mural at the end of the lanes that is approximately 4′ high. Above this area is a slanted acoustical tile ceiling. We had the mural extended onto these acoustical tiles by Cathy Cox of Brushstrokes. You can see where the photo mural ends at a black horizontal line and the images above are incredibly painted to extend the effect. This was quite an achievement by the artist who had to maneuver not only the bowling lane but the sloped ceiling and to visualize the finished effect even when painting close to the image!