For us, good design depends on an open exchange of ideas and productive collaboration between the designer and the client, particularly in a setting as intimate as your home. The process of formulating a residential design schematic begins with a series of direct meetings between the designer and the client,in which the expectations for the project are established.The designer subsequently develops a variety of possibilities for the project, periodically updating the client. During this time, the designer also takes the necessary steps to coordinate the work of relevant subcontractors such as painters, window treatments specialists, and flooring installers. Finally, the design project is implemented in coordination with the client, again ensuring that a productive exchange of ideas continues between the client and designer. Our designers serve two important roles in the implementation of a residential interior design project: the first, as detailed above, is to provide integral design consulting. The second is to specify and provide interior furnishings in collaboration with the comprehensive list of manufacturers that support our business. In this way, from start to finish, the project is guided along by a skilled and experienced professional.

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